Central Museum
Central Museum

Situated near Indore Junction, the Central Museum of Indore is an archeological museum and is also known as the Indore Museum. It is one of the prominent and popular museums in Indore and should be a part of your Indore tour, especially if you love historical artifacts. Established in 1929, the museum features antiquities found in the former Holkar state as well as artifacts from the prehistoric era to the modern period.

The museum preserved the rich civilisation and culture of the Holkar state and is indeed fascinating for not just the residents of Indore but tourists as well. To provide an enhanced experience to visitors, the museum has been divided into six galleries, each representing artifacts from different time periods. The galleries are named as the Antiquity gallery, Hinglajgarh gallery, the Inscription gallery, the Malwa Art gallery, the Numismatic gallery, the arms gallery, and finally, the Modern Art gallery.

The museum is also home to a range of articles, which include stone tools, ornaments, coins, arms, armor, quartz sickles, items of domestic use, and a lot more. It also features the stunning Parmar sculptures, which depict Shiva, Harihara, and Parvati in different forms. You’ll also spot a marvelous sculpture of the jain Tirthankara Adinatha from the 13th century and a red-brick model of a Vishnu temple. The museum also houses an 8metre high statue of Lord Ganesha

Apart from the items inside the museum, the building of the museum itself is stunning and uniquely designed. The most remarkable feature of the museum is its door frame, which is adorned with ornamentation and figures. The garden of the museum too is filled with antique statues and is worth a stroll. The museum is open for visiting on all days except Mondays and public holidays and has an entry fee of rupees 20 for Indians and rupees 200 for foreigners.

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