Diabetes Management
Diabetes Management

Diabetes is one of the most commonly diagnosed lifestyle ailments in modern times. Due to a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy food choices, many people are now being diagnosed with this ailment. But the best part is, with a couple of changes in your lifestyle, diabetes can be managed effectively. Let’s have a look at some of the ways for diabetes management:


A proper, healthy diet can go a long way not just to manage diabetes but other illnesses too. Portion control goes a long way when it comes to maintaining blood sugar levels. So apart from the type of food you eat, you also need to watch the quantity of food you’re eating for every meal.

Having a well-balanced meal that is rich in low-glycemic foods can ensure there are no sudden spikes in your blood sugar levels. Along with nutritious food, it is also important to stay hydrated as well. For a detailed diet plan, it's best to reach out to a nutritionist who can help you chart out a proper plan considering all your lifestyle requirements.


To know what kind of exercise would be appropriate for you, you need to have a word with your doctor. Moderate intensity exercises usually work well for those with diabetes, but it's always advisable to begin with exercise with a green signal from the doctor. During exercise, your blood sugar levels may drop, which is why you need to have small snacks or glucose tablets handy at all times.


As a diabetes patient, it is advisable to stick to the medications prescribed by your doctor and take them on a timely basis every day. If you notice your blood sugar levels are reducing or fluctuating, you need to reach out to the doctor to check whether you need to alter the course of your medication or change some drugs.


Alcohol messes up with the functioning of the liver, which in turn may result in fluctuating blood sugar levels. Alcohol complications may result in diabetes complications, which is why it is advisable to get a clear go-ahead from your doctor for consuming alcohol. Even if you’re looking for alcohol substitutes, you need to pick drinks that won’t raise your blood sugar.


The last thing you need to check on is to control your stress. When our bodies release stress hormones, it may result in fluctuating blood sugar levels. Learning relaxation techniques to help keep your stress under control can help a long way in managing diabetes too.