Indore White Church
Indore White Church

Another architectural marvel from Indore, the White Church, is a glorious evidence of Indore’s heritage. It is known to be one of the oldest churches in Central India and was built under the British Raj back in 1858. Influenced by the European style of architecture, the church was established by the Protestant community and was named St. Ann’s Church. Later, however, it became popular as the White Church, thanks to the pristine walls of the spectacular church.

Built under Sir Robert Hamilton, the architect of the White Church was Sir Ross McMohan. Sir Robert, along with Sir Hugh Ross, contributed to the accession of central India right after the revolt of 1857. Even today, Sir Robert’s statue stands tall in the LalBaug area of Indore.

You can consider visiting the church anytime during the year, but to witness it in all its splendor, you can drop by on the Foundation Day of the Church and Christmas. Foundation Day for this church (which has completed 154 years in Indore) is an elaborate affair. Even during Christmas, the church is a sight to behold, all decked with fairy lights. Apart from this, the Church hosts numerous festivities and events throughout the year too.

This quintessential religious monument, indeed, stands out among the modern architecture of Indore. Once you’re here, you’d realize how beautiful the structure and intricacies of the White Church are - so do visit whenever you’re in Indore!

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