Top 5 Places to visit in Indore
Top 5 Places to visit in Indore

Indore is one of the largest cities in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. The city is the perfect blend of ancient architecture and modern ways of living. Thanks to its amazing vibe, the city is also known as ‘Mini Mumbai’ - the lively streets, marvelous architecture, lip smacking food, the warmth of the people, and yes, pleasant weather all round the year make this city a must-visit whenever you’re in Madhya Pradesh.

So if you’ve been planning a vacation to Indore, here’s a list of places you need to add to your itinerary - we’re sure these 5 must-visit places in Indore will leave you spellbound, wanting to know more about this charming city. Let’s run you through the five places in Indore you cannot miss visiting at all:

We’ve just listed the five must-visit places in Indore - but Indore has a lot many jewels other than these popular picks! So whenever you plan on visiting the city, make sure you curate your itinerary perfectly so that you don’t miss out on the most beautiful, unique spots in Indore. Apart from popular architectural wonders, the city is also known for its rich food culture too. You can shop to your heart's content in the bustling markets of Indore too! All-in-all, the city is a complete package and offers everything a tourist would look for in a city they’re visiting.

The best time to visit Indore is between October and March, as the weather is pleasant enough for you to experience the city and all it has to offer. The temperature during this period spans from 8 - 32 degrees. It’s advisable to avoid visiting Indore during summers, as the scorching heat will not let you step out and visit the popular spots.

We’re sure we’ve got you all excited to visit this impressive city, which was once the capital of the Holkar state in the days gone by and is now the capital of Madhya Pradesh - so what are you waiting for? Plan your visit to Indore right away!