Some Questions to Ask a Doctor
Some Questions to Ask a Doctor

When visiting a doctor, it is always advisable to have a set of questions ready to ask the doctor and get your queries clarified. Quite often, when patients don’t ask questions, doctors presume that the patient is aware of the things they need to know regarding their diagnosis and line of treatment. To avoid confusion, you can always seek assistance from the doctor to understand more rather than resorting to the half-baked knowledge you find on the internet. Here are some questions you can consider asking the doctor the next time you visit them:

Before Diagnosis

The doctor would check the first symptoms you report and before coming up with a concrete diagnosis, would ask you to run some tests. Before the tests, you can ask your doctor these questions -

  • What is the purpose behind running this test?

  • How can I prepare for this test?

  • When would I know the results of this test?

  • What would be the line of action after the test results arrive?

After the test results are in your hand, the questions to be asked are:

  • What do the test results state?

  • What do the terms in the report mean?

After Diagnosis

After analyzing the test reports, the doctor would diagnose your medical condition. At this stage, you can ask the doctor about -

  • What does the diagnosis exactly mean?

  • What are the causative factors that have resulted in this ailment?

  • Can the illness be treated? If yes, will there be any side effects of the medicines?

Line of Treatment

The line of treatment is the most important aspect. Hence it's best to have clarity about the medications prescribed to you:

  • What is the name of the drug, and how can it help treat my medical condition?

  • Do I have to follow a certain diet while I am on medication?

  • What are the things I need to avoid to ensure there are no side effects of the drug on my body?

  • How long would I have to continue with the medications?

Apart from these, you can ask the doctor whatever queries come to your mind; remember - clarity is always better than confusion, especially when treating your medical condition.